Breast Pump Manual Conventional

  • Suction release Button helps you to imitate your baby’s sucking rhythm
  • Nipple Stimulator helps to stimulate mammary glands for a faster let-down
  • Fewer parts for easy assembling and cleaning
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Unique combination of pump and suction release button allows completely adjustable and pumping to imitate your baby’s sucking pattern. It is possible to reproduce your baby’s unique “suck-release” cycle.


PIGEON Breast Pump Manual Conventional makes the process of using a manual breast pump easy and comfortable. The breast pump equipment comes with a Suction Release Button which imitates the baby’s sucking pattern. The PIGEON manual breast pump is the best manual breast pump for low milk supply as it has a  Nipple Stimulator which stimulates the breast for a faster let-down. The combination of breastfeeding hand pump and the suction release button ensure that the mother does not feel discomfort and the process of breastmilk pumping is quick and convenient. The breastfeeding equipment has fewer parts which are easy to assemble and clean making it the best manual breast pump for everyday use.

PIGEON Breast Pump Manual Conventional is the best hand breast pump for breastfeeding mothers on the go.




Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical


Suction release Button, Joint, Breast Shield, Bottle, Bottle Stand, Hood, Cap – Polypropylene; Pump, Gasket, Tubing, Nipple Stimulator, Nipple – Silicone Rubber; Valve – ABS; Brush - Nylon;

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