0 month


Your baby's stomach is small and he will feed about once every three hours, or about eight times a day. You are both still "in training" and things may not always go smoothly. During this period, don't be concerned about the number of feeds-just give your baby as much as and whenever he wants it.


During the first month, your baby will wake every 2 to 4 hours and cry for milk. After drinking breast milk, your baby will go back to sleep, and will spend two-thirds of his time sleeping.
Your baby can hear your voice and can see things up to 30 to 40 cm away, so look at him gently and speak softly to him as you feed.

Caring for Your Baby

During this stage, your baby will soil his diapers frequently, so be sure to change them often. The condition of the stool can give a good clue as to the health of your baby, so don't forget to check color and softness whenever you change diapers!