10th Month


At this time in his development, you will see "ups and downs" in your baby's appetite. Some days he will want a second helping and then the next day will hardly touch the food. Try to provide a variety of food and a well-balanced menu.


Babies can crawl quite fast now, and some babies manage to walk while holding onto something. A lot of babies also become worried when separated from their mothers and try to follow them around. This is proof that they have come to perceive their mother as the person they can trust and depend on the most. When they cry loudly, be sure to give them a big hug.

Caring for Your Baby

During this period, babies enjoy playing outside, for example a trip to the park where they can walk holding onto a bench or enjoy the swings or a slide while in their mother's arms. As babies tend to sweat easily, it is advisable to dress them in easily removable layers, and to take off or add clothing as the need arises to control their temperature. So that babies do not catch cold, it is also a good idea to make a habit of washing hands after coming back from a trip out.