11th Month


Three meals a day will have become routine, but babies develop likes and dislikes, and there is a wide variation in the amount and in the way in which babies eat. Now is a good time to practice drinking from a cup during mealtime.


Individuality is starting to appear and your baby's likes and interests become clearer. Variation can be seen in daily routines and in physical development and the way in which they play. While a lot of babies are still unable to speak recognizable words, they are able to understand a significant amount of what adults are doing and saying.

Caring for Your Baby

A mixture of deep curiosity and significantly stronger arms enable your baby to move about in an ever-widening variety of ways, such as crawling up stairs or by holding on and walking as far as the veranda. This new freedom is naturally accompanied by the greater risk of an accident, such as falling from a chair or down stairs. Be sure to consider the dangers of each room to ensure your baby's safety.