1st Month


At this time too, the baby is able to suck strongly and skillfully when he drinks breast milk. The amount of milk the baby drinks during one feed also increases. Your baby's weight may increase by 600 g or more since birth.


The baby is able to stretch out his arms and legs and wave them about quite vigorously. Slowly but surely the baby's facial expressions develop, so be sure to talk to your baby often. Variations in the way your baby cries will let you know whether he wants to be fed or if his diaper is wet and so on.

Caring for Your Baby

Physical contact between mother and baby, or "skinship," is an extremely important part of mother/baby bonding. So don't be afraid of spoiling your baby - pick him up and hold him often! As the baby is still unable to support his own head, it is important to hold his sideways close to your body and cradle the head.