2nd month


Feeding becomes more regular and some babies even go through the night without needing a feed, making life easier for you. Some babies start requiring less at this stage too. This is because they have developed the ability to know when they have had enough. Providing the baby is content, there is no need to make him drink.


Your baby is now capable of a wide range of expressions and turns and shows great pleasure when called by name or when you shake a rattle or a toy. When happy he might say "aah"or "ooh" and may be able to move his hands and feet quite freely. More and more babies are able to suck their thumbs or fingers at this age.

Caring for Your Baby

Your baby is just beginning to be able to support his own head. This is a good time to begin holding them vertically and walking with them for ten to fifteen minutes a day. However, as he is not fully able to support his head yet, it is important for you to cradle the head and support the body firmly on your arm and shoulder.