6th Month


It is time to start thinking about baby food. Try starting during one of the five daily feeding times when your baby is in good condition. Initially just give one spoonful, and limit this to one type of baby food only. Until a baby reaches 7 months, please note that his main form of nutrition will come from breast milk


Movement of the arms and legs becomes increasingly active. The baby has become sufficiently dexterous to play with small, simple, baby toys. Some babies also grab their own feet and play with them while lying on their backs. Your baby can now distinguish between you and other people and some babies even become afraid of strangers.

Caring for Your Baby

As the number of opportunities to go out with your baby increases, and the immunity they initially received from you ends, the likelihood of him developing his first illness increases. If your baby develops a temperature but still looks cheerful and active, there is no need to panic; just keep calm and look after him. If necessary, consult a doctor.