8th Month


As the amount of baby food being eaten increases, the amount of breast milk or formula declines. There is a large variation in the amount babies eat, and even if they eat very little, there is no reason for concern providing they are active and healthy. There is absolutely no need to force-feed them.


Some babies will have started crawling, and their range of activity has increased. When and how a baby starts crawling varies from baby to baby, and some babies just don't like lying on their tummies and won't crawl at all. Some babies will have started baby talk-"goo-goo," "gaa-gaa"-and they are fast becoming able to show what they want.

Caring for Your Baby

Along with the increased range of activity comes the increased danger of accidents in the home. Check around the house to make sure that there is nothing that would present a danger to the baby. Your baby will react to what is said to him, and if there is something he wants you to do, he will let you know. So talk to your baby often and enjoy this interaction.