9th Month


Your baby will have entered the later stages of weaning and will be having three meals a day. He is becoming skilled at grabbing and holding onto things, and will begin holding food and eating or playing with it. This is an important part of development, and babies should be encouraged to feed themselves.


By this time some babies are able to stand up by holding on to something. At first, even if you help them hold on to something, they will just lean against it, but as time goes by they will become able to hold on to something like the sofa and stand on their own two feet. They will also be watching adults and copying their behavior, waving bye-bye and starting to utter word-like sounds like "baboo" or "nnnba."

Caring for Your Baby

Once your baby has learned to stand up while holding onto things, you must start making sure that there is nothing dangerous in higher places, such as table tops. As there is now a danger that your baby might fall over or bang his head on something, it is a good idea to clear a space in the room where he can play safely.