Post Pregnacy

After birth (while still in hospital)

  • While the uterus (womb) will return to its normal size within about six weeks, the extra fat around your middle part of your body will not disappear as quickly or easily.
  • Your muscles and joints will still be recovering from the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Lochia (postnatal vaginal bleeding) will be about the same as a normal menstrual flow for about one week.
  • Breast milk, colostrum, can be expected to flow within one to three days after childbirth.

Massage to maintain a beautiful silhouette

Your abdomen will grow bit-by-bit, a good sign that your baby is thriving inside. Massage your body as if you were talking to your baby.


  • Abdomen

    Relax your abdomen and massage in a circular motion from your sides

  • Hips

    Massage from the top of your thighs in an upward motion, as if lifting your buttocks.

  • Legs

    Massage from your ankles to your thighs in an upward twisting motion. This is good for your circulation.