1st Trimester
2nd Trimester
3rd Trimester

Approaching 4 months
(4 to 15 weeks)


If you are suffering from morning sickness, you will experience the worst symptoms of nausea and vomiting during this stageYou will experience an occasional unpleasant prickly sensation and swollen nipples, and a darkening of the nipple color.

From 5 months
(16 to 27 weeks)

For many mothers, morning sickness ends at around this time; your body weight starts to increase. You're entering the stable phase of pregnancy, and may begin to feel the fetus move.

From 8 months to childbirth (28 to 39 weeks)

Milk will start to form, and your nipples and breasts will become larger. You will experiencebac kaches as a result of having to support the increased weight of the fetus in front.

During this stage, fetal movement will become stronger, your belly will grow rapidly and protrude outward, and you will occasionally feel bloated.