8th Month


Your Body

This is when fetal movements are at the strongest during this period, even to the extent of causing discomfort or pain. At the same time, fat increases to protect the abdomen, which can easily lead to stretch marks.

For Your Information

Your arms and legs will often swells. If this is only a temporary occurrence, for example late in the day, this is natural. However, if the swelling persists throughout the day, it could be a sign of pregnancy toxicity (pre-eclampsia or eclampsia), so a visit to the doctor is strongly recommended.

Your Baby

At 30 weeks, the baby is about 40 cm long and weighs about 1,500 g and starts to take its final position in the uterus. The baby starts to create fatty tissue under the skin. At this time, you will already have to know the sex of the baby using ultrasound.