9th Month


Your Body

Now, as the base of the uterus extends down to the pit of the stomach, you may experience heartburn and indigestion. As the heart and lungs are also under pressure, breathlessness and palpitations (rapid heartbeats) are a frequent occurrence.

For Your Information

Incontinence and the need to urinate frequently are the result of the baby's head pressing on your bladder. It is a good idea to change your underwear frequently so as to avoid the risk of cystitis.
When walking, you might feel some pain in your upper leg joints and pubic bone. This is because the baby's head has now reached the pelvic bone-a proof that childbirth is drawing near.

Your Baby

At 34 weeks, the baby is about 45 cm long and weighs about 2,200 g.
The baby can now drink from the amniotic fluid and discharge urine.
The baby can also experience pleasure or displeasure in response to external influences.