I'm a little scared-labor seems long and painful.

To get through a long labor, you should try to relax and feel calm between contractions. Breathe naturally. When a contraction has finished, breathe deeply and relax into a comfortable position.

Time between contractions: About 10 minutes Duration of contractions: About 30 seconds Cervix dilation: Up to 3 cm Until your cervix has dilated to about 3 cm, your contractions will feel similar to strong period cramps. 

At this point, your water might break or you may experience a discharge. Time between contractions: About 5 minutes Duration of contractions: About 60 seconds Cervix dilation: 3 - 8 cm Most of your pain will be centered in your abdomen and lower back. Your lower back pain will begin moving a little lower. Some women at this point feel cold or nausea.

Time between contractions: About 1 minute Duration of contractions: About 90 seconds Cervix dilation: 8 - 10 cm This is the peak of your pain. You will want to push, but it's not time yet. Hang in there!

Gynecologist will assist you at this stage and move to the delivery room,once you are ready to give birth. You may have peace of mind in knowing that your contractions will disappear as soon as your baby is born.