WN Plus Nipple, Direct Mount Type

  • Nipple tip is small enough to be used for infants without sufficient skill to latch on
  • Can also be used for very low birth weight infants
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Sizes / Types Available: New Born, Low Birth Weight
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New born babies need very little milk at a time and they need the milk to go in slowly and not rush in altogether. Their feeding bottle nipples also need to be designed to ensure that the milk collected in the nipple does not go into the baby’s mouth in large quantities at a time. PIGEON’s WN Plus Nipple, Direct Mount Type is an ideal nipple bottle for newborns (including very low weight infants) that uses the PIGEON peristaltic study. The nipple tip is small and even babies who have difficulty in latching on can comfortably drink from the feeding bottle. PIGEON’s SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS Nipple is an innovation based on years of research and helps the babies to drink comfortably using natural sucking motion. The wide neck of the PIGEON nipples and bottles makes it convenient for the baby to feed.

PIGEON WN Plus Nipples, Direct Mount Type are the perfect baby nipples for newborn babies and infants with very low body weight.



Boiling, Steam, Chemical, Autoclave



Silicone Rubber



0+ months

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