Breast Pump Plastic

  • Allows mothers to release and store breast milk
  • For mothers with flat or inverted nipples
  • Can be used in helping to draw out the nipples gently and safely.
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  • Dedicated to breastfeeding mothers
  • Extracts breast milk to stimulate lactation


Breast Pump Plastic

After expressing milk using a PIGEON Manual Breast Pump or Electric Breast Pump, it is important to empty your breasts of the remaining milk to prevent engorgement by opening blocked milk ducts and to stimulate the breasts to improve lactation. The PIGEON Breast Pump helps to keep the breasts free of excess milk. The breast pump is also helpful to draw out the nipple gently and painlessly, in the case of inverted or flat nipples. The plastic shield of the breast pump fits naturally to the breast making it convenient to use. This breast pump is also helpful to express out any sour milk or contaminated milk as a result of Mastitis, where the breast milk contains pus or blood.

PIGEON Breast Pump Plastic is convenient to use and helps to extract remaining milk from the breasts gently and painlessly.



Boiling, Steam, Chemical



Breast Shield - Prolypropylene; Bulb - Silicone Rubber

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