Manual Breast Pump Basic

  • Pigeon Manual breast pump comes with everything you need to quickly and comfortably express and store breastmilk prior to feeding the baby.
  • Comfortably stimulates your breast using a soft advanced sealing Air CushionTM and an adjustable pumping handle for faster let-down.
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  • Ergonomically designed handle - for better grip and easy handling even with one hand.
  • Inique Silicone Diaphragm - Allows complete adjustable pumping to imitate your baby's sucking pattern.
  • Advance Sealing Air CushionTM - Softly envelopes and gently stimulates your breast for faster let-down.
  • The cushion perfectly fits to your breast and doesn’t require strong strokes.

PIGEON Manual Breast Pump Basic is a comfortable, convenient and affordable way to express breastmilk for your baby. The Advanced Sealing Air CushionTM of the PIGEON breast pump provides gentle stimulation to the breast which helps in quick letdown. Mothers find that they can express more milk with a manual pump as it is adjustable to mimic the baby’s natural sucking motion. With its ergonomically designed handle, the PIGEON hand pump is one of the best hand breast pumps since it minimizes hand fatigue. PIGEON breast pump basic edition manual is simple to operate and clean.

For quick and convenient breastmilk pumping, PIGEON Manual Breast Pump Basic is a trusted option.

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