Sponge Bottle Brush

  • 360° rotary handle for thorough cleaning of plastic nursing bottles
  • Easy handle and finger grip at the most appropriate angle for ease of washing
  • Double layer sponge catches dirt and cleans walls of bottles effectively
  • Folded sponge at the tip can effectively clean and remove tough stains at the bottom of bottle
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When feeding bottles are not cleaned thoroughly, there is a high risk of the baby getting a tummy upset or generally getting sick. And feeding bottles are particularly hard to clean since it is difficult to reach inside the bottle. PIGEON Sponge Bottle Brush is ideal to clean plastic nursing bottles. It has a 360° rotary handle that thoroughly cleans the inside of the bottle and the folded sponge at the tip reaches right down to the bottom of the bottle and cleans the toughest of stains with ease. The double layer sponge pulls in dirt and effectively cleans the walls of the bottle. The feeding bottle cleaner has an angled handle and finger grip that makes washing the bottle easy. The bottle brush cleaner fits all bottles and is comfortable to use especially since you need to clean the feeding bottles after every use.

A great way to effectively clean plastic nursing bottles with minimum hassle.

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