Compact Steam Sterilizer

  • Useful at home and perfect to travel with
  • Slim and Compact design, takes up minimal space
  • Fits 2 wide-neck or 2 slim-neck bottles and accessories
  • Interchangeable compartment allows you to sterilize according to your needs
  • Microbiologically proven to kill harmful bacterial effectively
  • Swift 12 minutes sterilization cycle
  • Automatic switch-off upon completion of sterilization cycle for added safety
  • Remain sterile for 24 hours after a complete sterilization cycle
  • BPA Free
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Cleaning feeding bottles thoroughly can take out the residue and stains present on the bottles but it does not completely eliminate the germs that are present (usually as a result of milk sitting in the bottle for a long time). Steam sterilization of the bottles at least once in 24 hours is recommended.The PIGEON Compact Steam Sterilizer is a great baby bottle sterilizer that can be used for effectiveness at home and while travelling with the baby. Its compact size and design takes up minimal space in your home and also makes it a convenient portable steam sterilizer. 2 feeding bottles of standard size or 2 wide-necked bottles, nipples, other feeding equipment, breast pump and its accessories and toys can be comfortably sterilized and stored in the sterile environment for up to 24 hours after completing the sterilization cycle. There are two interchangeable compartments which helps you to sterilize equipment based on your requirements. The PIGEON Compact Steam Sterilizer has a quick 12 minutes sterilization cycle and it automatically switches off after the sterilization cycle is complete.

  • Sterilize all sizes of feeding bottle (Up to 2 standard- size bottles or 2 wide-neck bottles with accessories), breast pump accessories, toys etc.
  • Energy saving. 12 mins sterilization cycle.Built-In Thermostat Remains sterile for up to 6 hours.BPA Free

PIGEON Compact Steam Sterilizer takes minimal space but is big on convenience.





Lid / accessory holder / main body / base cover / water measuring cup - Polypropylene;
Heating plate - Stainless steel

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