Cleansing & Sterilizing
Cleansing & Sterilizing

We care for your baby’s hygiene as much as you do and we go the extra mile in bringing to you the perfect cleaning solutions. Our advanced cleaning liquid with antibacterial properties ensures the feeding equipment is thoroughly cleaned before use. Specially designed bottle and nipple cleaners with unique ergonomic designs reach every inch of the bottle for thorough cleaning. High quality nylon and sponge cleaning materials are soft on the bottles and prevent scratches.

Give your baby’s feeding kit the expert cleaning in PIGEON’s range of steam sterilizers. Also find sterilizing tablets, tongs and other cleaning accessories for expert cleaning at home – just the way professionals do!

Residual milk tends to dry up and stick to the walls of the feeding bottles and other feeding equipment. Unless the equipment is thoroughly cleansed and sterilized after use, there is a high risk of infections in the baby. PIGEON Liquid Cleanser cleans effectively removing stains and built up residue to provide completely clean baby bottles. It is made of 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety to babies, even with cleanser residue and is great to clean after each use.  PIGEON baby bottle cleaner brushes are designed to clean hard to reach pockets of the feeding equipment with an easy grip.

Feeding equipment that is in use regularly needs to be sterilized after use at least once daily. Sterilizing bottles and feeding equipment removes the harmful germs that can affect the still developing immune system of babies. PIGEON electric steam sterilizers are of three types - the PIGEON Compact Steam Sterilizers which are slim built and portable, PIGEON Rapid Steam Sterilizers which complete the sterilizing cycles very quickly and effectively and the Multi Function Sterilizers which act as feeding bottle sterilizer, baby food warmer and as a milk bottle warmer.

Keep your baby’s feeding equipment clean and germ free with PIGEON’s range of cleansing and sterilizing accessories.