Fever Cool Plaster

  • Helps relieve baby’s fever by absorbing heat and cooling your baby
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Gentle on baby’s skin with no artificial coloring or fragrance
  • Each cooling plaster can last up to 8 hours
  • Size is suitable for application on baby’s forehead
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Young babies need to be monitored when they have a fever and a good way to bring down body temperature is with a baby forehead fever patch. PIGEON Fever Cool Plaster is a suitably sized cooling patch for babies. This cold patch for baby fever helps to cool the baby down and thus bring down the fever. Babies and small children are prone to rashes and fits if their body temperature increases beyond a certain limit. The fever cooling pad for babies is certified to be skin-safe. Each of the baby / infant fever cooling patches can last up to 8 hours and is a more convenient option than having to keep applying damp washcloths.

PIGEON Fever Cool Plaster is a cool fever patch for infants and babies that can help to quickly bring down body temperature.



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