Training Toothbrush (Lesson 2)

  • Training to move toothbrush to brush teeth and gums
  • Soft Bristles that is shaped like an actual toothbrush
  • Slightly longer handle that fits perfectly for 8-12 months babies
  • Attachable safety shield to prevent choking
  • BPA Free
  • Also available in Lesson 1-2-3 Set
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  • Pigeon Baby Training Toothbrush (Lesson 2) toothbrush is used as a transition to familiarize babies with the brushing movement when brushing teeth.
  • Recommended for babies over 11 months with 8 to 10 milk teeth.
  • The soft elastomer rounded heads are soft and tender to baby's gums.
  • The fine bristle-ends allow cleaning for all teeth as well as in between the teeth.


Pour hot water over brush after thoroughly scrubbing it



Grip - Polypropylene & TPE Brush head - TPE



8 - 12+ months

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