Training Toothbrush (Lesson 3)

  • Practice brushing the molar teeth properly
  • Made from fine nylon bristles that is much softer than adult's tootbrush
  • Broaden handle-end that serves to indicate how deep the tooth brush is inserted
  • Flat handle prevents rolling of toothbrush in baby's hand
  • BPA Free
  • 12-18 months
  • Also available in Lesson 1-2-3 Set
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  • For babies over 12 months or when most of milk teeths are in and your child is ready to try his first real toothbrush with toothpaste.
  • Good habits of proper tooth brushing right from the first stage of training will help your child to enjoy a lifetime of healthier, stronger teeth.

Key Features

  • Extra soft and rounded bristles are tender and gentle on your child's gums
  • Uses bristles made of Dupont Tynex Filament for effectively cleaning of baby's teeth
  • Thin brush head allows it to move easily into baby's mouth during cleaning
  • Longer bristle at the tip of brush for better cleaning of back teeth


Pour hot water over brush after thoroughly scrubbing it



Grip - Polypropylene & TPE Brush head - TPE



12+ - 18+ months

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