Our History

“I want to produce an artificial nipple which is very similar to mothers’ nipple”

– Yuichi Nakata

To meet the needs for quality mother and baby care, PIGEON was founded in 1957 in Japan by its founder Yuichi Nakata whose vision to provide quality, comfort, convenience and affordability in one brand has made PIGEON the market leader today. With a range of products encompassing every need in maternity and baby care, PIGEON is a one-stop shop for mothers and mothers-to-be. Spreading its wings to over 40 countries, PIGEON is the top player in the International markets today. Headquartered in Japan, PIGEON has subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Korea, China, and USA. Singapore is the regional headquarter for ASEAN countries.

With no available research data and knowhow, Mr Nakata found his own unique methods to study the sucking mechanism of babies.

Mr. Nakata’s research data has contributed to the development of artificial teats. What Yuichi Nakata saw was the unique movements of the tongues of babies when they sucked milk. Scientifically named “Peristaltic Movements” much later, they formed the basis of all the bottles and nipples made in the PIGEON research centre. For over 5 decades, PIGEON has dedicated research capabilities towards the sucking behaviour of babies. Having established a solid foundation of research, PIGEON is recommended today by most top medical and academic professionals