Pigeon Way

What is the PIGEON Way?

The “PIGEON Way” is the fundamental ideology based on which all of our global strategies and plans are developed. It’s also the basic criterion for how we feel in our hearts and how we convert those feelings to action.

Corporate Philosophy



“Only love can beget love”


  • Integrity
  • Communication, Consent, Trust
  • Passion

Mission and Vision


To be the baby product manufacturer most trusted by the world’s babies and families.


To bring joy, happiness and inspiration to babies and families around the world by providing them with products and services that embody love.

Pigeon Logo

PIGEON logo comprises two hearts – those of the mother and her baby. The baby’s tiny heart is embraced by the mother’s large heart, depicting the endless love the mother showers on her baby. PIGEON strives to be an even larger heart, which embraces both mother and baby. This is our vision and hope at PIGEON